IGDA Scholarship: CEDEC2014 & TGS2014

Apply here: http://goo.gl/U1rQxc
Application Deadline: July 10th (Thr) *Japan local time

The IGDA scholarships programs provides ooportunities for students to attend major game development conferences around the world, including GDC and E3.

Here at IGDA Japan, we are pleased to introduce a scholarship program for CEDEC (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference) and TGS(Tokyo Game Show). thanks to the generous cooperation of CESA(Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association).

Applications are now open till June 30th. Chosen applicants will be given a game studio tour along with the choice of either a CEDEC Regular Pass, or a TGS Business Day Ticket for free. Both CEDEC and TGS are one of the biggest game developers' conferences, in Japan and Asia respectively. Our goal is for the chosen scholars to find both the conferences and their time with other scholars fruitful.

Schedule 1: CEDEC
September 1st (Mon)  Studio Tour / Convivial Gathering
September 2nd (Tue)  CEDEC
September 3rd (Wed)  CEDEC / Developers Night party
September 4th (Thr)  CEDEC

Schedule 2: Tokyo Game Show
September 17th (Wed)  Studio Tour / Convivial Gathering
September 18th (Tur)  Tokyo Game Show (Business day)
September 19th (Fri)  Tokyo Game Show (Business day) & "Sense of Wonder Night"
September 20th (Sat)  Tokyo Game Show (Public day)& "Indie Game Corner"
September 21th (Sun)  (Tokyo Game Show (Public day))

- Each schedules is subjected to change without announcement.
- A One day ticket for a Public Day(Sep.20th) at TGS will be given to every scholars.

Scholarship Details:
- Either a CEDEC Regular Pass or a TGS Business Day Ticket will be provided.
- Scholars will be given a tour of a game studio in Tokyo area, where they will get the opportunity to the studio in action and talk with its developers.

- A relevant industry professional will also be assigned to the scholars as a mentor during the event period.

Studios Tour
- Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.

How many students are participating?
A total of 18 applicants will be chosen, 9 for each event.

(Scholars are not evaluated based on their country or region. The CEDEC2014 & TGS2014 is open to international applicants.)

- Scholars can only choose one conference (either CEDEC or TGS)
- Associated costs such as travel fare, accommodations, and meals are NOT covered by the scholarship program

- The studio tour is subject to cancellation based on the studio’s schedule. However, scholars will still be able to attend the conference they chose.

========How To Apply============
Please carefully read through the conditions below before filling out the application form. A link to the application can be found at the top of this entry.

Prerequisites (applicants must fulfil the following conditions)
- Speaks Japanese or English (most lectures / panels will be in Japanese, but there will be several sessions that are either in English, or in both languages)
- Applicants must be 18 years old or older
- Applicants must be a currently enrolled student in a vocational school or college, or a recent graduate
- Applicants must be fully interested in working in the Japanese game industry
- Applicants must be a IGDA member (registration can be done, an IGDA membership number is required as part of the application form)

Deadline: Thursday 10th July 2014 (Japan local time)


Mentors wanted!

IGDA Japan is currently looking for game industry professionals who wish to provide an exciting and fruitful experience for chosen applicants of the scholarship program. Mentors will accompany the scholars during the period, helping them with career advice, introductions to other professionals, or with any questions the scholars may have. Please be aware that mentors are asked to accompany the scholars for at least one hour a day during the event (either during CEDEC: September 2nd - 4th, or during TGS: September 18th to 21st).

If you wish to become a mentor for the CEDEC2014 & TGS2014 scholarship program, please email us (contact information at the bottom) with the following details by July 31st (Tue):
- Your name
- Company name
- Job title
- Experience in the game industry
- Latest title you worked on
- Mobile number
- Facebook link (if applicable)
- Estimated time you can accommodate for the scholars during the event
- Language proficiency (in Japanese and / or English)

*Please note that mentors will NOT be provided with a CEDEC or TGS pass


Is your studio ready for a student tour?

IGDA Japan is currently looking for game development companies who are interested in giving chosen applicants a tour of their studio. For more details, please contact us at the email address below.


For all queries regarding the program, please contact Kenji Ono (IGDA Japan Chairman) at info@igda.jp .

IGDAスカラーシップ for CEDEC2014 & TGS2014

申し込み http://goo.gl/U1rQxc
締め切り 7月10日(木)





9月1日(月) スタジオツアー
9月2日(火) CEDEC参加
9月3日(水) CEDEC参加/デベロッパーズナイトパーティ参加
9月4日(木) CEDEC参加

9月17日(水) スタジオツアー
9月18日(木) 東京ゲームショウ ビジネスデイ参加
9月19日(金) 東京ゲームショウ ビジネスデイ参加
9月20日(土) 東京ゲームショウ 一般公開日参加  インディーズゲームコーナー参加
9月21日(日)(東京ゲームショウ 一般公開日)自由参加













②学生証のコピーをスキャンまたはデジタルカメラなどで撮影の上、info@igda.jp までメールしてください。その際にメールの件名を必ず「スカラーシップ2014申し込みの件」とし、本文に名前・学校名・応募コース(CEDECまたはTGSのいずれか)を明記してください。










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